Make a Report

Promote a respectful and inclusive campus climate by reporting incidents of unlawful harassment, unlawful discrimination, sexual and relationship violence, and stalking, involving members of the UC San Diego community.


Why Report?

Filing a report helps the university maintain a safe environment that supports the educational mission of the institution. In addition, unreported bias incidents can perpetuate continued bias and erode the campus climate.

Ways to Report

Report suspected bias incidents to the OPHD office in the following ways:

  • Online — OPHD Web Form (Available at any time)
  • Email — Send a report to (Available at any time)
  • By Phone & Voicemail — (858) 534-8298

If you are experiencing an emergency, please contact 911 or UCSD Police at (858) 534-HELP.

You may also contact confidential  CARE at the Sexual Assault Resource Center for immediate support, counseling and advocacy. CARE is available to UCSD students, staff, faculty, patients, and others who experience sexual violence in the context of a University program. Contacting CARE does not constitute a report to the University.

What to Include in Your Report

Keep any evidence, including photographs, written notes, documents and contact information for witnesses or other persons involved with the incident. File a report as soon as possible after the incident occurs to preserve the accuracy of information.

Note: A lack of "hard evidence" or significant time lapse since an incident occurred should not discourage you from filing a bias report but may limit what actions can be taken.

Who Can Report

Any member of the community can use this form to report bias incidents involving members of the UC San Diego community or third parties. 

Report hate crimes to  UC San Diego Police.
Phone: (858) 534-4357
Campus location: Campus Services Complex — Building B ( map)

If you wish to remain anonymous, you may omit your name and contact information on the form. However, anonymous reports can make follow-up more difficult or unsuccessful. For the community's greater good, you're encouraged to include your contact information. If you are fulfilling your Responsible Employee mandated reporting requirement, you may not fill out this form anonymously.

Responsible Employees

As a Responsible Employee, you must contact OPHD as soon as possible when you learn that any UCSD student, staff, faculty, or patient has potentially experienced an incident of sexual violence or sexual harassment. Share whatever information you have, including the names of any individuals involved, their contact information, and any details of the incident you have.

As a Responsible Employee, you should report directly to OPHD, even if you are unsure that the incident actually occurred or unsure whether it constitutes sexual harassment or sexual violence. You should not investigate the report, and should not try to intervene or resolve the issue.

The Title IX officer will assess the information you provide and will work with the appropriate people to determine next steps.

While information must be provided to OPHD, responsible employees should not discuss the case with other people who do not have a legitimate need to know. 

What to Expect Once You Have Filed a Report

If you provide contact information, an OPHD staff member will contact you to determine an appropriate response. If you choose to remain anonymous, the university will follow up on the incident as reasonably feasible, based on the information provided.